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PPC moves to Attendance Works

The Perfectly Punctual Campaign (PPC) is now disseminated through Attendance Works, America’s leading advocate for constructive attendance programs and policies. […]

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Family Engagement

slide7bParent and Family Workshops are program or schoolwide events to engage adults or adults and children together in informal learning. Parent programs build skills and strengthen peer to peer learning and social interaction around a variety of topics from attendance, to literacy, numeracy, and enjoying the resources of the community. Family workshops address the similar issues modeling playful activities with an educational mission. Pictured are families building doorways to a future they will explain to the group.

FatherAndDaughterPresentWorkIn Gingerbread Build, a LearnLead signature winter holiday event modeled on Community Builds (see below), parents and children create a fantasy world from washed graham crackers, frosting and candies. Dads are known to be amazing with the frosted “mortar!” Like all celebrations, we encourage that family activities start or end with food!

Community Builds
Community Builds are center-based family literacy programs. A brief reading or facilitated discussion establishes the topic for the day.  Each family works together to  reinterpret the topic with a hands-on project.  The projects are assembled into a neighborhood, and each family discusses their contribution to the whole.  Each family leaves with their own creation and  follow-up materials. Many communities use Family Events as an occasion to honor parents wuth public recognitio, and perhaps a flower or certificate – for their success in establishing routines and improving attendance or achieving other school-determined goals.

Family Field Trips
Family Field Trips are large group weekend events that start and end at the child’s school/preschool. Families explore the community choosing from museums, parks, neighborhoods, landmarks to connect home – school and community learning. Parents are provided a preview of the place to be visited and an introduction to “Learning through Looking” to help them strengthen learning through looking skills and to explore the kinds of questions that conversation. Field trips end with a snack and reflection time. Typically children create a drawing to interpret the experience and the adults evaluate the expedition and discuss further ways to enrich and extend children’s learning.

Each of the programs uses our Learning Model.

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